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Spreading the word…

2011 October 3
by kieljohnson

Last weekend I hit the road and talked to people at the Sunday Parkway and the 350 climate convergence that Laura, a bike train parent, helped organize. It was great to see how many people already knew what a bike train was and how many people had seen one roll by. A lot of time we just focus on how bike trains can help a school community get more connected to bicycling but I also think it was a positive impact on getting other people in the community to enjoy biking. My favorite moment was at the Sunday Parkway when a guy was excitingly telling his girlfriend all about what a bike train was. I didn’t even have to say a thing!

at the 350 event next to the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition

camped out in Alberta Park during sunday parkways

hiding under the tent during the 10 minute freak rain storm

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