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120 Bike To Sabin!

2011 October 24
by kieljohnson

Last Wednesday Sabin had a little bike to school day. The principal agreed to paint his hair if more than 75 people rode to school. It was an overcast day with the threat of rain looming and the sixth and kindergardeners where out on field trips but 120 people still managed to ride to school. What was amazing for me was how little effort it took to rally all those people, just the promise of a principal dying his hair, hot chocolate, and a few emails. A year ago getting 120 people to bike to Sabin would have been unimaginable but over this past year biking to school has become “accepted” and something Sabin “does”. There is a real pride in that and events like this help to solidify biking into the cultural history of Sabin. Here are some pictures from the event!

the meet up spot at 20th and going

the principal picked two students that biked to dye his hair

We had three special guests(from left to right): Greg the city of portland bike safety coordinator, Ronald a bike planner from the netherlands, and Ben an Umbrella board member

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